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Snake Oil and Our Product...
  People spend lots of money on some oddly-premised things to give them better health, happiness, and quality of life. From magnetic beads, to chakra realignment, to all sorts of elixirs, in the hopes of better health and life.

  Unlike everything else, however, our fine art is actually proven to increase both your well-being, and your health. Let's start with the contrast sample :

Stress and Urban Living

  That's probably you baseline state. By comparison, our product can
improve your physical health and is a major opportunity for promoting health. It's not just being out in the elements - visual media, such as the visual art we offer, works to bring less depression, less anxiety, reduce physical pain, and increase healing and recovery time.

  Of course, we're not authorized by any regulatory agency to treat any specific illness - but what you spend on our fine art, you may just end up saving several times over in medical costs down the road. Our products can improve - and extend - life, health, and wellness in ways that nothing else can. Aren't you worth a little fine art, and the new life it brings?

  Less anxiety and depression, less physical pain, less time in a hospital, and better health and happiness. Our product makes some pretty good snake oil..
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