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Delivery Options

  So, you've got your mobile phone, your payment method of choice, and the list of what you want delivered. The problem? For some reason we can't figure out yet, some shipping agents don't view your ever-moving tent as a fixed delivery address with ready access. Don't worry,
we're working on that.

  Luckily, we've got a solution for that. It's called "general delivery."

  The way it works is simple. You figure out the nearest town you'll be stopping in, and take an inventory of its establishments. Next, call them and ask them if they hold mail - some do, some don't, some will for a fee. For establishments with an outdoor or travel focus, such as bait stores or bed & breakfast establishments, it's moderately common. A number of hotels and motels provide this service, especially for those staying, but often for anyone upon request - call ahead. In the worst-case scenario, the postal services of several countries, such as bosnia and japan, will provide this service for you.

  With mail-holding and general delivery, coupled with a few of our easy-to-remember mobile codes, you're free to walk out of your house with nothing but a mobile phone - or, parachute out of a burning plane in the middle of nowhere - with nothing to worry about. Whatever you're doing, wherever you are, we can take care of you and provide you with the luxuries of everyday life. You're safe, anywhere. Good luck wandering.

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