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The Micropower Revolution.

  Farm it. Charge it. Port it. Own it. As the technology is developed, you'll just be carrying a WiFi-controlled mobile automated smarthome.

Go ahead. Give it a try :
Start with the power.
Add a few toys.
 • Add a micropowered
gaming system, video center, or sound system.

  Congratulations. You've got a small bag you can string up into anyplace you're tucked into, and you are your own power station.
Here are some additional sunfarming tools, if you need them.

technician's gauge  •  sales gauge

  Eventually, you'll be able to address the charger cord for these with your smartphone, and you will be free to skip through the woods with your fully automated, network-programmable automated hand-apartment... but even while we turn our portable apartment on and off by hand, you are joining the micropower revolution - and you carry the power.

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