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Worldwide Mobile Services . . .click here

  We live in an age of planetwide telecommunications, in which a few clicks and barely any computing power whatsoever can connect you to anything, anywhere, worldwide.

  What was once the domain of few is now avaliable to anyone; by entering a few simple codes, things such as food, a stove, a tarp, or a small digital movie player can be shipped to anywhere on the planet from even some of the more inexpensive of phones. You're never far from a backpacker's rest with anything you need - and some things you might want...

Click here to enter the mobile version - or to write it down for later

  Go ahead and
peruse a few lists of codes for your later convenience from virtually anywhere on the earth. Every leaf, every flower, every mountain, every tree is always a short walk from a warm worldwide rest which is there to serve you. If you'd like, go ahead and read up a bit about worldwide shipping, or if you'd prefer, grab the codes you want to have with you, no matter what happens, anywhere in the world.

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