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Hook Up a Phone

  Do you have an
amazon sales ID? If so, you can go to...


...and the links will be a computer-generated mix of the default sales ID and the one you provided - full disclaimer, nothing guaranteed to work and we are not responsible for anything.

  Consider, then, the possibilities : you could be the owner of a full chain of franchise stores - a store carried with them in their pocket - for every phone you hook up.

  Hooking up people's phones is generally free. You can go ahead and ask them, tell them a bit about the service, maybe show them how to get an iphone delivered - whatever. It was tested for some of the most disposable phones on the market, and average compatability across multiple phone quality seems generally high.

  Go ahead, you can get a short url for your business. You can open up as many phone-stores as you like. Enjoy having more stores in the neighborhood than the places you shop at... unless you really like our services. Full disclaimer, but your future business may already be here...

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