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Free software!!

  With a pack of digital loafabouts which do nothing but fine arts and computer programming, what's a leading company to do? Well, nothing says "love" like "free software" - from toys and games, to utilities to get the work done, our excessively-bored creative staff is here to spruce up your life.

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  All software is free to use for personal and commercial purpouses - and with the media-and-health data, our art is probably a tax writeoff for commercial purpouses, give it a try. All software is also provided as-is; basically, we don't warrant it to do anything, and by downloading, you agree to absolve us of all liabilities arising from the use of the software. It's free, click it or don't.

  And as with much of our freebie section - which took a back seat to the main body in getting the site out - this area is still under construction. Check back often - we'll be updating. Currently, all software is written for Windows XP - sorry, *nix/mac users, you'll need an emulator. We may expand later.

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