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Lurkmoar v0.9
Filename : lurkmoar.exe

  Let's be blunt : a lot of us don't know what our software on our machine is recording about us.

  Lurkmoar changes that. Whether it's spyware, checking uncertain software to see if it alters other files, finding out what your operating system records of you, or just trying to figure out what files a program was trying to access when the error message popped up, lurkmoar gives you detailed logs - every call to the disk access event handler, every time. You lurk your machine, not the other way around.

  This utility - simple and low overhead - can be a system operator's dream, a nice hedge, a useful curiosity and educational tool, and more. Find out where your system's logs are located. You get a notification every time something is read or written down.

  Give it a try. Find out what your computer is actually doing. Watch the watchers. Be in control of your computer. Lurk moar.

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