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Replacer v1.0
Filename : replacer.exe

  Rewrite an entire website in a single click! Swap out piles of code, change text files - you name it! This little blessing makes life a LOT easier - menus, base URLs, and other repeated text can be changed in an instant.

  It does NOT perform any checking in the target directory, so it WILL overwrite files on output. It is reccomended you not set the target directory to /windows/, /command/, /system/, or any other critical directories; just make a completely empty directory to dump it in and go.

  This little bugger is robust, no-frills, and irreplaceably useful. Just right-click the "download" link, save target, and it's click-and-go. You're free to link back to us if you use it, but you don't have to - we're here just to make the world better, and we think this will help a lot of people do the things they want to do. Have fun - and don't forget our no-liability disclaimer. We think this thing will make your life a lot easier, and it's free.

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